NIKSUN Puma Portable Datasheet

Global network infrastructures accommodate an intricate web of remote sites, satellite offices, data centers, server farms, applications and services. While NIKSUN's NetOmni Suite empowers organizations to manage the performance, security and compliance monitoring of these remote locations from a central dashboard, it is often inevitable for Systems Integrators, Service Providers, Forensic Analysts and other professionals on the field to monitor and troubleshoot issues on-site. With NIKSUN's Puma, a portable network monitoring appliance, NIKSUN's customers can now leverage the state-of-the-art network performance, security and compliance monitoring technology as a robust luggable appliance that can be conveniently used in the field.

Powerful, Portable NIKSUN Technology
Puma incorporates all the powerful features of NIKSUN Alpine technology in a portable form factor. It captures and stores all network information (packets, SNMP, Flow records, etc.) in a contextual NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse just like NetVCR Alpine and NetDetector Alpine do. Like NetVCR, it can be used for easy application and latency monitoring and root cause identification. Puma also offers NetDetector's unique application reconstruction capability, allowing mobile security professionals to gather and replay evidence of suspicious network activity.

Terabytes of Storage
Puma offers terabytes worth of storage capacity, enabling data capture over days or even weeks. This makes it an indispensible tool for systems integrators and service providers who need to conduct pre-deployment assessments at customer sites prior to rolling out new applications, services or infrastructure. It can be conveniently deployed on-site and then left there for up to a few weeks for remote monitoring via a simple web-browser.  

Lightweight and Travel Friendly
Starting at 17 pounds, anyone can carry and transport the appliance comfortably and easily. It is small and lightweight enough to be carried on a plane, fit in an overhead luggage compartment, checked in as baggage or shipped via standard carriers without significant cost.

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