NIKSUN NetVCR Alpine Datasheet   |   NIKSUN NetVCR Alpine Whitepaper.


The NIKSUN NetVCR Alpine is a full-featured appliance for network performance monitoring. It is the only performance monitoring appliance that seamlessly integrates all functions of network packet capture, deep packet inspection, and analysis for advanced real-time, network, service and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting, improving service delivery and user experience.


Deepest and Fastest Analytics
NetVCR offers the most advanced analytics, enabling the deepest and fastest multidimentional analysis across all OSI layers into the widest range of applications and protocols. This provides real-time insight into network, service and application performance management and service delivery issues, improving MTTR.


Unified Visibility
In today’s changing network environment, unified visibility is critical. NetVCR is provides the most comprehensive and flexible visibility through alarming and reporting with multiple analysis paths across enterprise architectures and topologies to optimize performance and user experience.

Full Packet Everything
NetVCR is the only performance monitoring appliance that can simultaneously capture, inspect, mine, correlate, and store every packet traversing the network at multi-gigabit rates.

Each packet is timestamped, linked, and indexed to unique users, providing the most powerful performance insight - like a camera on the network.

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