Global visibility. Single access.

At NIKSUN, we believe managing all aspects of global network monitoring and incident response is essential to every organization. With NetOmni, you are provided with the capability to instantly gauge the health of your network - all from a single access point.

Did you know?

NetOmni is the first, proven real-time network forensics and analysis tool

Enterprise capable to work across your network giving you one single unified view end-to-end

NetOmni is honored with SC Magazine's Innovator Award

Leading the way

Continually streaming performance and security metrics on the network, applications and services to its dashboards, NetOmni helps maintain complete situational awareness of your entire infrastructure.

Year of Invention: 2003


  • Central Manager for appliance management: 2003
  • NetTrident for enterprise-wide analytics: 2005
  • NetX for enterprise-wide reporting: 2005
  • Real-time Dashboard: 2007

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