Network Performance - NetVCR® Family
NIKSUN performance solutions provide integrated network packet capture, deep packet inspection and analysis for full network, service and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting. NIKSUN performance solutions capture, record, inspect, index, mine and correlate every packet traversing the network. The NetVCR Family efficiently does so at speeds through 100Gbps - enabling comprehensive analytics, alarming and reporting capabilities.


The NIKSUN NetVCR Alpine is a full-featured appliance for network performance monitoring. It is the only performance monitoring appliance that seamlessly integrates all functions of packet capture, deep packet inspection, and analysis for advanced real-time, network, service and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting, improving service delivery and user experience.

Virtual NetVCR

NIKSUN’s Virtual NetVCR brings all the powerful capabilities of the NIKSUN performance monitoring solutions to virtualized environments. Providing the same user experience as physically deployed appliances, the Virtual NetVCR proactively discovers all applications and services running within the virtual computing environment. The Virtual NetVCR’s in-depth and seamless visibility into traffic, transaction and services delivers the right insight to optimize application performance within the cloud as easily as within traditional networks.


NIKSUN’s NetTradeWatch combines the capabilities of multicast data monitoring, delay measurements, and transaction analytics to provide 100% visibility into the trading network environment at any instance of time. The ability to analyze, report and troubleshoot both market data feeds and trade transactions makes it a unique, invaluable monitoring solution for enterprise trading networks.


NIKSUN’s NetVoice establishes a dual approach to overseeing and administering VoIP systems. By facilitating both long-term network knowledge for planning, trending, optimization and real-time insight for operational problem solving, NetVoice helps organizations define, deploy and maintain a cost effective balance of network resources needed to support the diverse technologies in converged networks and ensure the performance and integrity of VoIP infrastructure.


NIKSUN’s IntelliNetVCR provides the most vital functions of the NIKSUN NetVCR in a cost effective and robust form factor. This appliance can be deployed in non-controlled environments such as remote offices without fear of hard drive failures or other component failures. Due to the small size and portability of this appliance,  field professionals looking for a compact yet powerful networking monitoring solution can now have what they have been searching for.


NIKSUN’s FlowAggregator is an advanced flow traffic collector that incorporates NetFlow and other supported flow data into the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse (NKW) for powerful and reliable performance monitoring, network traffic accounting, usage-based network billing, network planning, forensics and reporting. It aggregates, stores, analyzes, and produces alarms for NetFlow, J-Flow, NetStream , and other supported flow data from routers and switches on the network.

NetBlackBox Pro

Network monitoring needs of organizations are varied in terms of the depth of analytics required. While certain network segments require continuous and in-depth monitoring for instantaneous notification of performance degradations or security threat alerts, others have less stringent monitoring needs. However, a complete record of network activity across all segments is necessary for post event troubleshooting and to meet certain compliance regulations. Many businesses also use proprietary applications, services and protocols which often mandate custom tools for application analysis. Network administrators require solutions that offer them the flexibility of high performance data capture, long term storage and scalable analytics, with the best ROI. NIKSUN NetBlackBox Pro is a uniquely designed, scaled down version of the NIKSUN Appliance  that is uniquely designed for high performance data capture and simple analytics. This helps organizations to completely and cost effectively monitor their entire network.

Add-On Solution Modules

NIKSUN offers a number of easy-to-use solution modules that greatly extend the power and functionality of NIKSUN’s NetDetector and NetVCR appliances.These optional, add-on software modules result in improved flexibility and added benefits of investment in NIKSUN solutions. End users can easily and efficiently adapt their monitoring solution to the various underlying network technologies with NIKSUN’s add-on modules – from the analysis of cutting edge LTE/ EPC infrastructures, VoIP  technologies, Multicast networks or less granular analysis using NetFlow and SNMP data.

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