Network Performance

NetVCR product family helps ensure peak performance of networks & services

The NIKSUN solution for ISPs provides comprehensive full-network visibility that enables service providers to improve network performance and dramatically decrease MTTR while simulatenously addressing cybersecurity concerns. Our solution provides comprehensive anomaly and intrusion detection, correlated forensics along with real time alarming for self defined performance incidents, security breaches, and policy violations. Our complete solution is scalable, powerful, and in use by the largest Service Providers worldwide and includes 4G LTE support.


NetMobility monitors multiple aspects of the LTE network as well as CDMA2000 with the industry's most comprehensive network insight, including in-depth visibility to all end user activities, enabling operators to optimize critical spectrum utilization. NetMobility seamlessly integrates with NIKSUN's uniquely powerful, highly scalable cybersecurity and network performance solution, combining real-time and deep forensic analytics to deliver unprecedented ROI.


The NIKSUN NetVCR Alpine is a full-featured appliance for network performance monitoring. It is the only performance monitoring appliance that seamlessly integrates all functions of network packet capture, deep packet inspection, and analysis for advanced real-time, network, service and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting, improving service delivery and user experience.


NIKSUN NetOmni Alpine is the most complete network-wide monitoring platform. It consolidates IDS, forensics, packet capture, flow & SNMP analysis, VoIP monitoring, and other capabilities into a single, unified platform, dramatically reducing the IT footprint. Through a single console integrated with NIKSUN appliances, NetOmni allows rich data to be delivered to different groups throughout an organization. 


The NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine is a full-featured appliance for network security monitoring. It is the only security monitoring appliance that integrates signature-based IDS functionality with statistical anomaly detection, analytics and deep forensics with web reconstruction and packet level decodes. It is the industry’s best security monitoring and forensics appliance to safeguard against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.