NIKSUN NetOmni Alpine is the most complete network-wide monitoring platform. It consolidates IDS, forensics, packet capture, flow & SNMP analysis, VoIP monitoring, and other capabilities into a single, unified platform, dramatically reducing the IT footprint. Through a single console integrated with NIKSUN appliances, NetOmni allows rich data to be delivered to different groups throughout an organization. With a single, secure click, organizations get instant 100% situational awareness of security threats, network operations, capacity planning, application profiling and more. This results in increasing ROI and reducing overall costs. NIKSUN NetOmni Alpine is available in three packages:

NetOmni Reporting NetOmni Analytics NetOmni Full Suite


  NIKSUN NetOmni Suite Datasheet   NIKSUN NetOmni Alpine Whitepaper

Smarter: Total Intelligence

NetOmni is the only network-wide monitoring platform that provides organizations with the power to instantly Know the Unknown™. Working seamlessly with NIKSUN appliances, organizations using NetOmni can simultaneously capture, correlate, and analyze all data-in-motion at multi-gigabit rates across networks, gaining 100% situational awareness of security threats, performance issues, and compliance risks. This allows organizations to gain better insight, make better decisions, and drive better results and ROI.

Easier: Unlimited Visibility

In today’s connected world, improving business continuity across networks requires comprehensive and flexible views. NetOmni is unique in its analytics and visualization capability. Only NIKSUN offers a customizable web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows organizations to not only easily visualize alarms and custom reports, but perform granular drill-down analysis. This results in incredible power under your fingertips and real-time contextual visibility across your networks.

Better: Complete Control

NetOmni securely manages which users have access to what information and detail using a robust Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism and highly configurable role-based access control (RBAC), enabling strict controls, proactive management, and eliminating unnecessary tools. Whether you are a security investigator or network administrator, network capacity planner or Chief Security Officer, NetOmni provides you with the control to deliver the right information to the right people.

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