Revolution, Not Just Evolution

With NIKSUN Supreme Eagle, we strive to accomplish the impossible: modular and scalable recording and analysis speeds ranging from 20 Gbps to over 100 Gbps - all on a single hardware platform.
The results speak for themselves:


15x more
processing capacity
60% less
power consumption
80% less
rack space required

Finally, a Big Data Solution

4-V Ready For Network Data


Supreme Eagle scales to exponential rises in traffic volumes

faster processing
more storage


NIKSUN's proprietary parallel processing architecture combats increasing traffic flow rates

more efficient
more throughput


Pre-built, optimized analytic modules adapt to a variety of traffic types and applications


Reconfigurable software automatically adapts to variability

Fault Tolerant, Data Center Ready

100% Uptime

Cluster Computing

Ready for clustering and scalable performance

Grid Computing

Out-of-the-box ready for distributed processing and analysis

Fault Tolerant Hardware

Designed with component and system level fault tolerant hardware

Hot Swap Components

Built in redundancy and hot swap capabilities

NEBS Compliant

Ready for telecom and ISP networks

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Is It Real?

Well, it's the only solution operational at 10 Tbps in production today!

Seamlessly meets the challenges of high performance and data center network traffic capture with simultaneous analysis

Highly optimized in space, power, processing and storage

Leads to the fastest incident prevention, containment and management

NIKSUN Supreme Eagle was found to defy the adage of "next-generation" products, as featured in the October issue of SC Magazine