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Unparalleled Security, Seamless Integration

OpenStack Ready
Flexible Deployment

With our award-winning NIKSUN Virtualization Solution, we can securely and seamlessly virtualize your data center to the cloud, and yet, maintain a non-disruptive, secure and scalable infrastructure. Whether its onsite, offsite, or roaming security - be assured that NIKSUN has you covered!

Did you know?

NIKSUN's Virtual Solution maximizes performance and minimizes impact on business services with total visibility across your entire network.

Reducing complexity, the NIKSUN Virtual Solution delivers unified insight from a single console to give you a holistic view anywhere, at anytime.

"NIKSUN has established a foundation for their [Virtual Solution] to efficiently run on and leverage the latest features in Oracle VM to deliver superior value to customers." - Oracle®

The Virtual Suite

Virtual NetDetector/ NetDetectorLive

Virtual NetDetector/NetDetectorLive are lightweight, software deployable versions of our flagship NetDetector/NetDetectorLive

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Virtual NetVCR

Built upon the same powers of our flagship NetVCR®, Virtual NetVCR, is a lightweight, software deployable NetVCR

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Leading the Way

At the highest speeds and lowest latency, our Virtual Appliances are lightweight deployments that operate like they aren’t there but protect and optimize because they are.

Year of Invention: 2005


  • Prototype : 2005
  • Modular and Scalable Solution: 2010
  • Full Virtualization Support: 2015
  • KVM
    VMware ESX/ESX
    Oracle OVM
  • AWS Support: 2018
  • MarketPlace
    GovCloud (US)