What's New in NikOS Everest

NikOS Everest provides a much simpler and smarter way to mine data from the NIKSUN Knowledge Warehouse (NKW), whether it be local on a NIKSUN Appliance or remote via NIKSUN NetOmni. It even auto-scales for viewing on devices ranging from desktops, laptops to tablets and smart phones! Effortlessly tag any analytic module (tiles) then add them to your custom views. Use the NIKSUN search bar, as if you are 'googling', and easily find reports or even use it to filter data. Save and easily access your most useful reports as favorite views by simply selecting them with a favorite marker and pin them to the sidebar. While most reports will display all the available data within a single page, you can also analyze large quantities of data easily, by expanding tiles to a full-screen view. Annotate any tile with useful notes then easily save and share your reports in multiple formats. Significant improvements in the base OS and services layers make your analysis snappier and optimal for all kinds of routine tasks - from finding application/network problems to pinpointing that clever Trojan. Give it a go. We know you will love it.

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"NIKSUN NikOS Everest is one of the most robust unified platforms among cyber security tools today, providing the ability to render data at every level from a macroscopic view down to each individual packet."

- Dr. Peter Stephenson, Chief Technology Editor at SC Magazine

Your Views on all Your Devices

Whether your mobile device is a tablet or a smartphone, the user interface auto-scales to your device, ideal in a post PC world! You no longer need to carry around a heavy laptop just to find the needle in the haystack. You can simply set up your favorite views to serve you better on your computer, tablets and smart phones. Set your home screen to your liking and let your fingers do the walking!


Yes, we know that there are literally thousands of parameters and variables in the NKW. How do you locate The One that you particularly need? Just type common phrases in the search bar!

Yes, we know you created hundreds of reports. How do you find them? Rather than sifting through them all, just type words in the search bar and find everything as you type!

Just type and see what you get...


Customization is the cornerstone of the new UI. You can easily add tiles, rank them by priority, and have them virtually attach themselves to any report or view simply by tagging them. Use tagging to select and group any number of tiles, across multiple reports, for easy comparison and contrast of data. Don't like the default color theme? Switch it to one of the many themes to suit your display or mood.


NikOS Everest is free of any CAT 1 vulnerabilities! Security is our business. Stringent testing is continuously performed on all our products, to meet the strict requirements of the US Department of Defense. Everest is our most secure release yet!