NIKSUN’s FlowAggregator Alpine is an advanced flow collector that incorporates NetFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, NetStream and other flow data types. This data is collected from routers and switches in the network and sent to the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse (NKW). The flow data captured is then analyzed and presented via collated reports. This allows network administrators to gain actionable insight into network metrics, such as users, applications, flow rates, peak usage times, QoS levels, IP conversations, and traffic routing.


  NIKSUN FlowAggregator Datasheet

Integrated Analytics

By correlating flow statistics in the NKW with other network information (packets, snmp, service/application data), FlowAggregator offers the most unified flow-based solution. Various NetFlow versions (v5, v7, v9), IPFIX flows, and other flow types - including J-Flow and NetStream - are monitored simultaneously at speeds over hundreds of thousands flows per second.

Network Visibility

NIKSUN’s FlowAggregator enables complete visibility over your entire network by facilitating real-time or historical network monitoring, and forensic analysis of non-strategic links. Network administrators can cost efficiently analyze the traffic breakdown, top hosts, conversations and more for every network segment.

Scalable Flow Monitoring

FlowAggregator interoperates seamlessly with NIKSUN’s NetOmni Suite. Flow data from geographically distributed sources are aggregated into the NetOmni for enterprise-wide, contextual perspective of application performance, service delivery impediments, network integrity, and security breaches.

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