Boundless Performance

From portables that fit in the palm of your hand up to your network core, NIKSUN platforms deliver the scalability of the NIKSUN Knowledge Warehouse (NKW)

Did you know?

Combining highly efficient and robust data storage with proprietary ultra-high speed search, the NKW allows you to harvest petabytes of information that can be filtered and analyzed whenever you want

Offering redundant processing, storage and power options, NIKSUN platforms provide a fully integrated solution with hardware and software that maximizes the user experience

By using customized hardware designed for optimal use in combination with state-of-the-art components, NIKSUN platforms deliver the ability to perform deep forensic analysis at 100Gbps speeds and beyond

Multiple platform options that are dependable and customized to tailor your distinct network monitoring needs, from branch to core network


Palm sized and briefcase portables deliver the full suite of NIKSUN software with storage up to 4TB

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Branch Office

Half depth and full depth 1U solutions meet your small office and multitenant needs with up to 16TB

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2U and 3U solutions expand NIKSUN technology to edge networks with up to 34TB

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2U+ solutions cover your core network starting at 40TB and expanding to petabytes

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Leading the Way


  • PUMA: Puma provides an effective and powerful monitoring solution and can be outfitted with either NetDetector or NetVCR software. Offering GigE recording via TAP or SPAN port, Puma travels with you in a backpack for your low to mid bandwidth needs.
  • IntelliSeries 300: The 300 series provides solid-state storage, fits in the palm of your hand, and is designed for low bandwidth networks. Configured with the essential features of either NetDetector or NetVCR software, the IntelliSeries offers low end GigE recording via TAP or SPAN port.

Branch Office

  • IntelliSeries 400: Designed for satellite offices or remote sites, this 1U platform is suitable for low to mid bandwidth locations. The HR variant delivers 4TB of storage for low to mid bandwidth locations. The SR variant delivers 1TB of robust and highly reliable solid state storage for tough environments.
  • 2000 Series: The 2000 series delivers enhanced processing to provide the full benefits of NetDetector or NetVCR. This powerful 1U platform offers low end GigE monitoring and recording via TAP or SPAN port. Options include solid-state storage as well as remote management.
  • 3000 Series: Building upon the features offered in 2000 series, the 3000 series increases processing and storage capabilities allowing you to scale based on your network load. This powerful 1U platform scales up to multi Gigabit flows via 1 GigE Copper or Fiber and also supports NetDetectorLive.

Edge Networks

  • 6000 Series: Offering a 3U rack-mountable form factor with modest storage, the 6000 series is designed to satisfy high-performance monitoring needs in multi-gigabit networks at an affordable price. When you need to analyze vast traffic volumes without being constrained by retention needs, the 6000 series delivers.

Core Networks

  • 7000 Series: Designed to bring high performance monitoring needed in multi-gigabit networks at an affordable level - offering an effective and scalable monitoring solution in a 3U+ rack mountable form factor, with 56 TB+ and external storage expansion available. Data is captured across 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps copper or fiber interfaces.
  • 8000 Series: It's all about power and speed. The 8000 series offers NIKSUN's most powerful platform, next to Supreme Eagle. Capable of monitoring multiple 10GigE connections, the 8000 series offers continuous and reliable data capture in the carrier environment. Multiple storage options allow you to size for both today and tomorrow.
  • 9000 Series: Building upon the power of the 8000 series but scaling even further in terms of speed and capacity. With over 120TB+ storage it provides virtually unlimited storage to meet your long-term infrastructure needs. The 9000 series is designed to monitor and capture network traffic from 1 Gbps up to 20 Gbps.
  • 10000 Series: Supreme Eagle is a highly scalable platform that can scale from 20Gbps to 100 Gbps for recording and analytics while consuming 60% less power, all requiring 80% less rack space over any other industry solution. Read more.

Extensible storage options integrated, qualified and validated for use with your NIKSUN Appliances


  • 2U array integrated with NIKSUN Fault Management
  • Monitors and provides alerts on failed storage drives and power supply
  • Supports redundant /hot swappable and field replaceable units
  • Increased storage capacity and redundant system components are constantly monitored to ensure efficient and continuous operation

Blue Whale

  • 4U array delivers 120TB or 160TB of storage
  • High performance and availability storage subsystem for core network and Supreme Eagle appliances
  • Supports redundant /hot swappable and field replaceable units