Don't answer attacks or exploits!

A tested and trusted commercial-quality multiline scanner, NIKSUN PhoneSweep is a fully documented auditing tool - every "sweep" surveys telephone systems for entry points before they can be exploited by attackers.

Did you know?

PhoneSweep is the industry's best analog tool, capable of detecting 470+ types of systems

PhoneSweep identifies security risks of unauthorized and rogue modems

Every sweep is fully controlled and logged to pinpoint problems and vulnerabilities

PhoneSweep leaves no modem entry point unprotected. Its scanning capacity can be matched to your specific requirements and budget - easily upgrade to PhoneSweep Gold for features like single call detect and more.

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Year of Invention: 1998


  • First commercial multi-line telephone scanner
  • 2004 patent awarded catapults PhoneSweep ahead of competitors

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