Security is all about vigilance. Vigilant security requires searching out and closing any security holes that exist in the network. While firewalls, IDSs and various security monitoring tools are commonly used by organizations to counter Internet security risks, threats that bypass these defenses by using telephone lines are often neglected. A security breach via a rogue modem can cost a company just as much in lost assets, leaked information, stolen intellectual property, and embarrassing press coverage as any other successful attack. Threats via current or future modems and fax machines are best mitigated by developing a telephone security audit policy (example modem policy) and enforcing it by auditing for unauthorized or improperly secured devices.

NIKSUN’s PhoneSweep is a tested and trusted commercial-quality audit tool. PhoneSweep surveys your telephone system for modems, faxes and other devices that let telephone lines serve as an entry point into your network. It's an invaluable aid in detecting unauthorized (rogue) modems and removing or securing them before they can be exploited by attackers.

Want to know more? See PhoneSweep's Frequently Asked Questions.


  NIKSUN PhoneSweep Datasheet

Robust, Scalable Multiline Scanner

PhoneSweep is a reliable, full-featured tool with a simple user interface and complete documentation. PhoneSweep's scanning capacity can be matched to your needs and budget and upgraded later as desired. The PhoneSweep Gold option adds distributed operation, merged reporting and email notification of scan events for more sophisticated operations.

Powerful Auditing of Phone Systems

PhoneSweep “Sweeps” all or part of telephone network to detect security risks such as unsecured modems, faxes and vulnerabilities to toll fraud. Every sweep is fully controlled and logged for complete accountability. Advanced features like system identification, brute force username/password guessing, etc can be selected as the mission requires. NIKSUN’s patented Single Call Detect feature can be used to run faster and more precise telephone scans. Single Call Detect is available on select modems.

Customizable Reports on Vulnerabilities

Call results are compiled and organized in easily readable reports that highlight problems and vulnerabilities. Reports are of two types – Basic reports that list what happened in a single sweep and Differential reports that compare and contrast the results of two sweeps. Both types can be customized to select content or accomodate organizational requirements.

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