Complete visibility across an enterprise network is the single most important aspect of improving business service delivery. Given the rapidly increasing number of incidents that security and network managers have to deal with on a daily basis, the need for real-time, high-resolution historical information is critical for identifying and correcting network anomalies. At NIKSUN, we understand these requirements and have developed specific solutions for modern converged network environments. 

The NIKSUN NetOmni Suite is a "top-down" service delivery management portal that facilitates contextual visibility into the global enterprise network and corresponding applications, services, security and compliance incidents. With configurable dashboards that continuously update to reflect the moment-to-moment status of the network, an integrated customizable reporting engine and real-time incident analysis function, the NIKSUN Enterprise Solution delivers great value to any organization that is serious about application performance and data integrity.

The NIKSUN NetOmni Suite is comprised of NetOmni Dashboard, NetX, NetTrident and Central Manager which leverage the powerful network, application and security investigation capabilities of NetVCR, NetDetector, NetVoice, FlowAggregator and other appliance platforms.

Traditional enterprise level solutions don't scale as well as the NIKSUN solution. This is because raw data is traditionally not processed as extensively at line rate as with NIKSUN's technology. NIKSUN's patented analytical engine ensures that maximum statistical compression occurs at line rates through 100Gbps, while ensuring minimum information loss.

With NIKSUN’s scalable design implementation, all solutions leverage a distributed and parallel processing architecture around NIKSUN's robust Network Knowledge Warehouse that enables efficient mining of statistical and packet data. The mining engine takes advantage of the latest web-based technologies and query optimization techniques to produce relevant information at extremely quick turnaround times.

The NetOmni Suite addresses the scalability restrictions with traditional methods and resolves the most stringent requirements by catering to high-speed, large-scale terabit and higher networks. It empowers customers with high scalability options that allow them to procure solutions based on the needs of a particular project, application or service, while reserving the freedom to expand the solution over time. Clients may leverage the plug and play architecture of NIKSUN to start off small and grow the solution as needed in the future, without further training or implementation inconveniences.

Furthermore, the storage components used by the NetOmni Suite are virtualized, thus facilitating unlimited storage options that scale to a user's growing needs.