Multicast Analysis

Multicast Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting

The NIKSUN NetMulticast add-on solution monitors and troubleshoots multicast traffic on the network's access, distribution and core layers. It provides multicast application, traffic and protocol drill-down information for all sources and groups. NetMulticast alerts on utilization levels (including short spikes), retransmits, QoS level, etc and an integrated reporting engine facilitates long-term trending and capacity planning. Optional reachability analysis tools are available for testing end-to-end reachability, path delay analysis, active source/groups, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive alerting, performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for multicast-enabled networks
  • Extends the capabilities of NIKSUN's proven NetVCR performance management solution
  • Real-time alerts on Service Levels (with NIKSUN NetSLM), application utilization, bit rates, etc.
  • Trending and capacity planning on longer time scales
  • Optional active troubleshooting tools are available for multicast reachability analysis