Tool Consolidation

Businesses and organizations today focus on aligning IT services to business objectives from a financial cost vs. benefits perspective. IT organizations are now required to securely deliver services and applications with both performance measurements and financial prudence that meet core business values. There is every indication that this trend will continue as consumers of IT systems and services seek constant improvements to the cost of IT and to the delivery and security of the applications and services that businesses rely upon.

This new climate of financial diligence and responsibility is driving IT to look to solutions and technologies that truly help them meet the ever-increasing security and performance demands in new, innovative and cost-effective ways. Some organizations use virtualization and WAN optimization technology to ensure that current investments are maximized, while some concentrate on reducing the number of vendors, tools and disparate technologies in order to minimize costs. However, most opt for a combination of these approaches in order to successfully meet the demands of the organization.

NIKSUN is the industry leader for consolidatingperformance andsecurity management for enterprise networks into a single solution. With NIKSUN, organizations can reduce the overall cost of infrastructure management tools that focus on network-basedcompliance assurance,security surveillance andperformance monitoring while improving their ability to respond to incidents and events that decrease business service availability. NIKSUN'sEnterprise Solution offers both high-level and granular visibility into the distributed enterprise network from a single platform architecture that provides real, measurable benefits to multiple IT disciplines.

Security Surveillance Capabilities

  • Legal intercept
  • Network-based security forensics
  • Event and session reconstruction
  • Security incident response
  • Event alerting and alarming
  • Behavior anomaly detection and alerting
  • Intrusion detection functionality


Network Performance Capabilities