Business Service Continuity

The combination of a powerful single platform appliance architecture and a scalable enterprise monitoring portal that identifies network, security and compliance incidents that impact business services, makes NIKSUN a key contributor to business service continuity strategies. Customers use NIKSUN's technology to improve the performance and availability of all services and to assure that sensitive data is secure.

NIKSUN monitors the network for continuous availability of business services in the following ways:

Manage and Report Risk

  • Reduce time to resolution of business service disruptions
  • Reduce overall number and severity of service disruptions through root cause analysis of network performance and security related incidents and events
  • Quickly identify applications, systems and hosts involved in service disruptions and discover root-cause
  • Assure that the service restoration process is effective and that services are functioning at expected agreement levels
  • Assure data integrity is secure with event reconstruction and network-based retrospective security forensics and analysis
  • Minimize financial loss with real-time network, application and security breach monitoring
  • Quickly identify scope and assess threat level of security-related incidents
  • Reconstruct events to understand and report exposure of information

Align IT Disciplines

  • Focus network and security operations on the root cause of meaningful incidents and events with one common system
  • Track the resolution process for events in real-time for multiple disciplines
  • Provide a common Network Knowledge Warehouse for reporting, trending, troubleshooting and forensics

NIKSUN facilitates real-time monitoring and response to security, compliance and performance incidents from a single platform architecture that provides a common basis for action across the organization. This empowers interrelated IT functions within the organization to standardize operational processes and establish a mutual point of reference that promotes greater interaction between teams and accelerates problem-resolution.