Single Platform Architecture

The panacea to modern enterprises that leverage the convenience of Information Technology within their day-to-day business operations, is a single tool that delivers powerful, actionable and reliable information to multiple IT disciplines such as capacity planning, network operations, security operations and backline support personnel.  Such consolidation is advantageous for cost-reduction initiatives, streamlining operational processes and maintaining effective governance over business procedures.

NIKSUN offers robust real-time network and application performance monitoring, historic reporting, security forensics, intrusion detection and policy compliance verification functions from a single platform. 

The NIKSUN appliance is designed to capture all packets that traverse the network; all statistical information and full packets are indexed and stored in the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse, which is located locally on the appliance. A customizable combination of NIKSUN software licenses are then applied to each appliance to facilitate monitoring, alerting, forensic analysis and reporting for various functions, ranging from network and application performance to security forensics and intrusion detection. Each appliance can be licensed with multiple software products, delivering value to all functions within an IT organization. This flexible, scalable architecture empowers organizations to strategically place the right solution in the right place within their infrastructure.  

For example, one may choose to deploy the NIKSUN Full-Function Appliance in an environment where both network security and performance monitoring and incident response is necessary.  This same appliance can also be licensed to monitor Voice-over-IP, multicast traffic or specialized financial applications at the same time.

Where security is the key objective the appliance can be purchased with NetDetector and NetDetectorLive, giving users a world class security surveillance solution that integrates IDS, policy compliance assurance and forensic application reconstruction functions.

For network performance monitoring and analysis then the appliance can be populated with NetVCR, NetXperts, NetSLM and a wide range of other powerful modules that enable operations personnel to respond to business service outages and issues quickly and effectively.

NIKSUN empowers users to implement network security, performance and compliance verification functions on their network in a manner of their choosing, so network management processes are conducive to established internal operational methods.