In a government environment the concept of risk suddenly escalates from mere monetary loss to more inclusive and devastating heights: the risk of compromised national assets. The government is absolutely responsible for  the integrity of civic infrastructure. Military and intelligence agencies routinely handle classified information that could do much national harm in the wrong hands. These entities are accountable to the citizens for safekeeping civic interests. Can the government afford to know without certainty exactly how national assets and classified information are susceptible to compromise? And, once a virtual attack on citizens' property has been perpetrated, is it acceptable if no certain knowledge exists to measure the impact of said perpetration and gauge the logical and physical extent of civic harm? Furthermore, how important is it to ensure that high degrees of control are in place on virtual classified networks to be able to detect the patterns of a security breach from its very onset in order to counteract it early in the attack- before significant harm has been done?

In order to ensure high degrees of governance over the nation's virtual assets, intellectual property and intelligence all governments issue mandates that institute procedural obligations that regulate safekeeping and responsible ownership. The Federal Information Security Management Act, President's Management Agenda and the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace are just a few of the various initiatives taken by the government of the United States to maintain security and performance of classified information networks for which the government is accountable.

NIKSUN provides a premiere defense system that monitors classified networks and gathers information from the network's perimeter and insider activity to assist initiatives that oversee confidentiality and network security requisites. NetDetector facilitates granular, real-time visibility of network patterns and application behavior occurring within sub-second levels to ensure that all network anomalies, breaches and information misappropriation are alerted to actionable parties as they occur. NetDetectorLive monitors and matches network traffic in real-time to predefined internal and regulatory policy rule-sets to inform users of compliance violations as they happen.

This early warning system, augmented by NIKSUN's unique network behavorial analysis and forensic investigation capabilities, empowers both tactical and strategic personnel to counteract information breaches and potential attacks to national security by internal or external terrorists and online predators in a matter of seconds, not minutes or days.

The NIKSUN NetOmni Suite ties in the value of point NIKSUN installations with complete aggregation and correlation from geographically dispersed sensors and provides a single, central view of the entire global network with real-time moment-to-moment updates of the health of the network. This facilitates an elaborate defense, surveillance, intelligence and counter-intelligence mechanism for supreme perimeter protection, operational and information security, threat analysis and strategic assessments.

Key Benefits:

  • Surveillance and detection of malicious intrusions and disruptive activity as they occur for assistance in perimeter protection and intelligence of insider activity
  • End-to-end impact analysis (what, how much, when, where)
  • Complete audit trail of authorized and unauthorized access to the classified network and information
  • Real-time alarming of security breaches, policy violations and information compromise for proactive incident response
  • Deep-packet inspection, pattern recognition and forensic assessment for thorough threat analysis, counter-intelligence and reduced mean time to insight
  • Complete aggregation and correlation from geographically dispersed sensors
  • Customizable dashboard views for moment-to-moment updates of security breaches, network applications and underlying infrastructure
  • Single tap on the network leveraging the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for multiple applications
  • Dynamic application awareness for immediate knowledge of whether breach originated inside or outside the ne
  • Option of forensic reconstruction for breach discovery, evidence control, prosecution, lawful intercept, evidence of policy violations, etc.