Proactive Surveillance

NIKSUN provides a host of real-time alerting modules essential for proactive network security, performance and service availability monitoring. 

NIKSUN's Anomaly Alarm and NetSLM modules provide behavioral tracking and alerting in real-time. These solution modules generate real-time alerts to any alert console via SNMP, Syslog, pagers, emails, etc., when behavioral changes are seen affecting network security, service availability and performance. These modules are used by NIKSUN customers to ensure that services are available at all times. Users are immediately notified when a service is impacted by a malicious user, misbehaving application or misconfigured device. Follow-up Xpert analysis ensures remediation within seconds or minutes.

NetRTX and IDS Signature modules provide for content and meta-data inspection within transactions, flows, sessions and packets. An integrated NIKSUN drill-down and forensics function ensures that a potentially harmful event can be averted before it impacts a customer. 

Notifications can be immediately sent out via email, SNMP trap or Syslog to enable network and security personnel to quickly respond to incidents before they escalate into major problems. Additionally, these notifications contain the forensic signature of the event and link back to corresponding packet-level information in the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for quick and easy drill-down to idenify root-cause. 

The centerpiece of the Proactive Surveillance solution is NIKSUN's powerful Event Viewer. Event Viewer offers event summation and details with convenient point-and-click filtering and correlation capabilities. Analysts can drill-down on events to apply the full gamut of NIKSUN's analysis features and quickly investigate events while leveraging NIKSUN's unique historical network data repository.