Time is money, goes the saying and nobody agrees with that better than Wall Street and the global financial world. Trade conditions and pricing are extremely volatile and profits depend upon the timeliness and speed of trade executions. Latency in market feed receipt and trade transactions results in unprofitable trades, lost customers, branding and market position. It is imperative that buy and sell requests experience minimal network delay so they can be executed successfully at intended prices.

NIKSUN offers enterprise-wide visibility of the globally distributed trading infrastructure through its Enterprise Solution, NetVCR, and Add-on Solution Modules products. NIKSUN measures, maps and reports on high variability phenomenon that impairs (or has the potential to impair) the timeliness of trades. It verifies if market data received by the trading floor reflects current market conditions and facilitates fast and accurate decision making to determine network actions required to maximize the success rate of trading opportunities. The NIKSUN solution provides a common repository of trading network information going back weeks and months. This establishes a common platform for hop-by-hop transaction flow insight that can be shared and used by multiple users across the enterprise, be it senior management, business units, administrators, network/application designers or traders.

Since NIKSUN’s patented technology identifies trade-impacting network anomalies occurring within very short intervals of time (microseconds), all occurrences of latency are reported to actionable parties as they occur. This assures immediate initiation of cause discovery, forensic analysis and remedy processes.

The NIKSUN solution maximizes the success rate of trading opportunities by facilitating accurate one-way delay metrics, microburst alarming and analysis, multicast gap detection and analysis, dynamic awareness of most financial applications and protocols (FIX, TIBCO, 29 West, etc.)

Key Benefits:

  • Determine network actions needed to gain the competitive advantage of being able to trade faster and safer
  • Verify if received market data reflects current market conditions
  • Measure, identify and analyze latency driven problems that impede the success of the trading floor
  • Dynamic dashboard views of the real-time, moment-to-moment status of the global, enterprise-wide trading infrastructure
  • Central repository of all network knowledge facilitates information in multiple time scales and ensures that captured network information can be leveraged for various applications:
    • Operations reports (at extremely granular intervals of microseconds) create the necessary visibility to quickly discover root cause, thereby reducing transaction delays and increasing operational efficiency
    • Long term historic reports (spanning months of information) assist in strategic planning, trending, optimization, capacity planning and change control
  • Improved business efficiency by maximizing the availability of financial applications and protocols (FIX, Multicast, TIBCO, 29 West, etc.)
  • Evidence of the success of service agreements to support possible SLA arbitration
  • Plan, prove and ensure success of change control