Service Providers

Service providers have come a long way from simply delivering bits from edge to edge. Providers today facilitate services that are vital to both consumers and corporate customers alike. Contracted bandwidth to fully managed networks to voice, video, data, Internet and wireless to web services and hosted solutions are just a few mentions of the wide array of critical services that are provided by the modern carrier/ISP. In this highly complex, interactive and dynamic environment it is essential to ensure that services are rendered unto customers as per service level agreements and performance/availability guarantees, while maintaining highly secure infrastructure.

This dynamic nature and interdependence of diverse technologies in converged service provider networks necessitates that the administration of service delivery infrastructure be two-fold. On one hand, it is necessary to be aware of incidents that impact performance and service level guarantees as they occur so appropriate corrective measures may be initiated immediately. On the other, it is equally important to maintain a historic and contextual perspective of the globally distributed converged network for strategic trending, long-term optimization and implementation of corrective change. This dual approach to overseeing and administering provider networks is critical to define, deploy and maintain a cost effective balance of network resources needed to support converged networks and ensure performance, reliability and availability of mission-critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, when the service provider becomes the content and managed services provider, the security and protection of its customers becomes a key responsibility. It is imperative for providers to monitor their networks to detect and fend off malicious attacks, while ensuring it retains intercept and forensic capabilities to aid law enforcement agencies.

NIKSUN's Enterprise Solution, Wireless Monitoring Solution and point products (NetVCR, NetDetector, NetVoice, Add-on Solution Modules) ensure that a holistic, scalable solution serving the needs of operations, planning, engineering and security departments in service provider organizations are met in a cost effective model leading to:

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