Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability. These three pillars of security are ultimately what NIKSUN solutions are all about. This begins with the security of the solutions themselves, and extends to the security of the networks being monitored.

There is no such thing as 100% security. Firewalls can be bypassed or tunneled through. Authentication can be foiled, guessed, or attacked. IDS systems can be evaded. Signatures and anti-virus systems can only flag known attacks. IPS systems can be compromised or made to cause denial-of-service (DoS) situations themselves. Furthermore alternate intrusion routes, such as telephone lines can be used.

NIKSUN's robust security solutions, spearheaded by the flagship NetDetector suite provides the additional necessary depth to fill these gaps. Whether an attack is an external break-in, an internal theft, disclosure of sensitive data or the latest worm; the continuous surveillance and powerful forensic analytics of NIKSUN's solutions ensure that the incident can be captured, traced and remediated. In conjunction with NetIntercept performs stream reconstruction on demand. NetIntercept can identify over 110 types of data streams including FTP, web, telnet, email with attachments, Microsoft documents (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and nested data such as images or documents inside TAR files.

NetDetectorLive leverages NIKSUN's award-winning patented real-time analytics engine by providing fast and accurate monitoring of network, service and application content. NetDetectorLive can be configured to monitor both internal and regulatory policy definitions. It allows users to rewind and playback violations and facilitates granular searching of all data flowing on a network for forensic reconstruction of surreptitious activity.

PhoneSweep completes the security perimeter established by methodically auditing  the telephone system in place and identifying potential security risks posed by unsecured modems. It can be run in different modes from basic scanning to more aggressive penetration testing for comprehensive security auditing.