The banking industry today is under flux. Events resulting from the credit crisis of 2007-2008 have further complicated the banking infrastructure and services market. With the competitive landscape becoming more competitive and the onset of regulation, margins are decreasing while customer expectations are increasing. This necessitates that banks reduce operational overheads yet remain nimble enough to leverage any opportunities that present themselves to retain (or retake) competitive advantages. As cost reductions become the norm, the only way to maintain infrastructure viability and operational feasibility is instrumentation.

Better instrumentation provides avenues for automation, which can become the key factor in overtaking the competition. Since banks and financial firms have to continue to operate with a dwindling staff, it is absolutely necessary to implement flexible, scalable and easy-to-implement state-of-the-art solutions in order overcome staff shortages.

NIKSUN offers banks and financial firms the advantage of a highly usable and easy-to-learn technology that empowers even untrained resources to use productively, thereby sustaining the current impetus of consolidation and cost awareness. NIKSUN's infrastructure monitoring and security solutions provide great value and cost efficiencies with their inherent instant deployment, implementation, intuitive operation and management features. Within minutes of installation, NIKSUN's Enterprise Solution, NetVCR, NetDetector and other appliance solutions provide deep and broad visibility into the globally distributed banking network infrastructure. With minimal configuration, NIKSUN's TiVo-like camera-on-the-network feature discovers all network applications, services, devices and underlying infrastructure instantaneously. Furthermore, customized dashboards update users with the real-time moment-to-moment status of the dynamically changing financial network via graphical sensors and screens which even the untrained eye can easily interact with to discover, analyze and resolve performance incidents, security breaches and internal and external policy violations. Not only does this architecture provide high ROI via minimal training, expertise and tool consolidation but also initiates a premier forensic system that does away with all manual elements in troubleshooting and helps ensure that mission-critical applications and services on the network are running optimally at all times for high operational efficiency. All performance and security anomalies are alerted to actionable parties as they occur, so forensic investigation and problem solving can be done within seconds, not minutes or days; thereby reducing mean time to insight and resolution of problems.

Service performance, per hop or edge-to-edge, is readily plotted on dynamic screens and real-time reports that can be viewed at high levels at the application layer down to session, user or even packet levels. NIKSUN eliminates the need for specialized resources for aggregating, correlating and manipulating data by seamlessly automating these functions for convenient investigation and analysis.

Network security breaches and activities of information misappropriation are detected using intrusion, anomaly and network behavior analysis techniques which can then be replayed, like a TV show on a TiVo, for incident insight, cause/threat analysis, problem resolution and evidence control. This function NIKSUN provides critical end-to-end impact analysis of security incidents that removes all guesswork from the troubleshooting process and explicates the what, how, how much, where and when, leading to high levels of incident insight.

The NIKSUN solution is dynamically aware of all industry specific multicast, exchange and electronic funds transfer applications and protocols such as PGM, IGMP, PIM, ISO 8583, TIBCO, 29 West, FIX, HBCI, FinTS, IFX, OFX, SET and facilitates accurate one-way delay metrics, microburst alarming and analysis, multicast gap detection and analysis, etc. Additionally, NIKSUN's NetXperts can be customized for any non-standard applications, protocols and customer-specific analysis requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete audit trail of authorized and unauthorized movement of data
  • Detection of performance impacting events, malicious breaches and disruptive activity as they occur
  • Awareness and Xpert analysis of most multicast, financial and electronic fund transfer protocols and applications
  • Real-time alarming of security breaches, policy violations and performance incidents
  • Deep-packet inspection for thorough cause-analysis and reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) of service disruptions
  • Complete aggregation and correlation from geographically dispersed sensors
  • Customizable dashboard views for moment-to-moment updates of security breaches, network applications, services and underlying infrastructure
  • Single tap on the network leveraging the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for multiple applications
  • Dynamic application awareness for immediate knowledge of whether breach originated inside or outside the network