Wireless Network Monitoring Solution

With a continual decrease in the cost of smart phones and mobile devices and the subsequent increase in their use, service providers are experiencing significant ‘data explosion’ on wireless networks. With a marked increase in the everyday use of streaming video, internet radio, online music or movie downloads, tweeting, mobile IM and web applications, mobile traffic is becoming more bursty in nature and requires significant dedicated bandwidth resources. This poses a serious challenge to effectively manage drastically escalating demands for wireless data services.

Simply dropping more bandwidth is not a solution to satisfy ever-growing demands for wireless services. Instead, it is necessary to manage demand by acquiring in-depth knowledge of bandwidth usage and data access patterns so service and application delivery may be intelligently optimized to meet consumer trends. The only way to acquire true visibility into wireless networks is to first monitor them constantly and in real-time to measure delivery and availability statistics, usage metadata and network utilization patterns and then use powerful analyis technologies to leverage these measurements into strategic and operational decision making, long-term capacity planning and over-all change control and optimization initiatives. NIKSUN’s add on module, NetMobility addresses this problem.

NetMobility leverages NIKSUN's unique Camera on the Network™ technology for real-time visibility and is specifically designed for the emerging LTE networks. Detailed views into the signaling and content networks (if desired) are facilitated in real-time for end-to-end insight into services and applications delivered to businesses and consumers. NIKSUN supports comprehensive Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) by warehousing and analyzing all data packets pertaining to a session or multiple sessions. Furthermore, users have the ability to search for particular activities within a specified time frame and drill down to relevant packets in any signaling record.The NIKSUN Appliance is set up for monitoring traffic between the packet network nodes. This provides unprecedented network visibility and maps the packet data tunnel for better capacity planning based on observed trends.

With multi-time level visibility (from months to sub-seconds), flexible reporting and correlation across applications or network segments and micro monitoring and analysis options, NIKSUN helps mobile operators accelerate service delivery, prepare for new application roll-outs, control and monitor strategic change in infrastructure, protect service availability, improve quality of subscriber experience (QoE) and simply management of applications and services over various wireless protocols.

Key Benefits:

  • Deliver better Quality of Experience
  • Monitor overall network health and immediate identification of root-cause for increased service availability
  • DPI enabling applications based optimization
  • Create tiered usage plans
  • Prioritize enterprise application traffic over data and other less time-sensitive traffic like Internet video streaming traffic
  • Apply sophisticated traffic offloading schemes by analyzing the data streams in real-time
  • Resolve issues from the overall network performance perspective or a specific user issue top-down or bottom-up resolution
  • Avoid costly upgrades by better utilization of the network
  • Minimize the element of risk and downtime in application roll-outs
  • Leverage NIKSUN’s integrated single-platform architecture for a reduced number of devices and minimal energy costs