NIKSUN’s extensive experience in real time, line-rate network forensics, analysis and troubleshooting gives it a unique perspective in understanding the multifaceted monitoring problem that all organizations face today. Performance, reliability, security, maintainability, and scalability are network imperatives regardless of industry. To create insight to these network imperatives, all data in motion needs to be captured and classified, organized and stored, mined and accessed, inspected and analyzed, all in an automated process. NIKSUN’s solutions provide that approach.

The NIKSUN NetOmni Suite is a "top-down" service delivery management portal that facilitates contextual visibility into the global enterprise network and corresponding applications, services, security and compliance incidents. With configurable dashboards that continuously update to reflect the moment-to-moment status of the network, an integrated customizable reporting engine and real-time incident analysis function, the NIKSUN Enterprise Solution delivers great value to any organization that is serious about application performance and data integrity.


Governments at all levels have embraced the interconnected world which puts them at risk for cyberattack and network performance issues. NIKSUN provides a premiere defense system that monitors classified networks and gathers information from the network's perimeter and insider activity to assist initiatives that oversee confidentiality and network security requisites. Our network performance solution provides integrated network packet capture, deep packet inspection and analysis for full network, service and application performance monitoring, and troubleshooting. Together they address the needs of both governement network performance and cybersecurity analysts.


NIKSUN offers enterprise-wide visibility of the globally distributed trading infrastructure through its Enterprise Solution, NetVCR, NetTradeWatch, and Add-on Solution Modules products. NIKSUN measures, maps and reports on high variability phenomenon that impairs (or has the potential to impair) the timeliness of trades. It verifies if market data received by the trading floor reflects current market conditions and facilitates fast and accurate decision making to determine network actions required to maximize the success rate of trading opportunities. The NIKSUN solution maximizes the success rate of trading opportunities by facilitating accurate one-way delay metrics, microburst alarming and analysis, multicast gap detection and analysis, dynamic awareness of most financial applications and protocols (FIX, TIBCO, 29 West, etc.)


Health Care
NIKSUN's Enterprise and point solutions monitor health care networks to ensure their integrity, performance levels and compliance to internal and regulatory policies. Our solutions assist in safeguarding the privacy of medical and patient records from intrusion and unauthorized access. NIKSUN's NetDetector and NetVCR products empower health care institutions with the intelligence, forensic analysis know-how and acute network anomaly/incident detection capabilities to maintain the integrity of data while sustaining performance and availability of online services to patients, physicians, caregivers, and administrators. NetDetectorLive monitors and matches network traffic in real-time to predefined policy rule-sets to inform users of policy violations as they occur.


NIKSUN offers financial firms the advantage of a highly usable and easy-to-learn technology that can, within minutes of installation, provide deep and broad visibility into the globally distributed financial network infrastructure. Our top down approach unifies various sources of data into a single correlated and time-synchronized view of network activity that encompasses both network peformance and cybersecurity. This design gives security and performance analysts the power to visualize information from their unique perspective so both worlds are served simultaneously.


Service Providers
The NIKSUN solution for ISPs provides comprehensive full-network visibility that enables service providers to improve network performance and dramatically decrease MTTR while simulatenously addressing cybersecurity concerns. Our solution provides comprehensive anomaly and intrusion detection, correlated forensics along with real time alarming for self defined performance incidents, security breaches, and policy violations. Our complete solution is scalable, powerful, and in use by the largest Service Providers worldwide and includes 4G LTE support.