Do you have yet another application with a poor response time? Is it a problem with the application or is it a network issue? When and where did the problem occur? What was the impact of the problem, who was involved and what resources can be used to troubleshoot the problem?

These are critical questions that need to be answered in order to effectively understand and resolve network problems. NIKSUN's suite of performance measuring tools help users with continuous real-time visibility into the network, creating network insight that can be leveraged to identify, diagnose and resolve network incidents that negatively impact business functions.

NIKSUN NetVCR  proactively monitors the network and creates a statistical and packet-based Network Knowledge Warehouse of all traffic data that can be efficiently mined for corrective analysis of network incidents. NetVCR alerts users of performance issues in real-time; its easy to use web-based user-interface empowers administrators with powerful diagnostic capabilities, enabling an immediate resolution of network problems.

NetVCR's functionality is extended by various add-on solution modules that aid in the process of network monitoring and performance management. NIKSUN NetSLM, for example, provides proactive alerts for service level and quality of service management. NetReporter generates highly granular and customizable reports on any application and network performance metric such as session, RTT (round-trip time), server response time, retransmissions, etc.

NIKSUN's performance monitoring solution is a holistic and flexible network management opportunity that can be configured to suit specific needs of an end-user. It is futuristic in the sense that NIKSUN accommodates customer growth within the design and implementation of its products; all NIKSUN solutions can scale to the inevitably growing requirements of its customers as they advance in their markets as profitable, successful companies.

Key Benefits

  • 100% visibility into your network in real-time
  • Capture network events the first time
  • End-to-end proactive network and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Superior drill-down forensic analysis
  • Integrated performance reports on all traffic
  • Unlimited storage which you add as you grow
  • Secure and easy-to-use web interface
  • Extensive third-party compatibility
  • All capabilities integrated into a turnkey solution