NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse

NIKSUN appliances capture, timestamp and index all data traversing the network into a statistical and full-packet warehouse. The comprehensive data-mining capability provided by the warehouse enables quick identification, isolation and retrieval of pertinent information during the troubleshooting process. There is no need to manually parse through streams of traffic data to find information relevant to a network incident; instead all NIKSUN alarms and alerts are directly linked to corresponding statistical and full-packet data on the Network Knowledge Warehouse for convenient forensic analysis and minimal mean time to resolution. NIKSUN's powerful data-mining, replay, reconstruction and forensics capabilities enable rapid determination of the root-cause of network incidents, eliminating traditional troubleshooting techniques that involved unreliable guesswork.

NIKSUN Unlimited Storage Solution

In addition to local storage on the appliance, NIKSUN offers a high-speed unlimited external storage solution that enables flexible storage options conducive to organizations that implement large, high-speed networks.

By leveraging the latest in storage technologies, NIKSUN optimizes the throughput, capacity and overall performance of the total solution to ensure the integrity, security and ready availability of data.

 Key Benefits

  • Real-time data storage and mining for root-cause identification and retrospective analysis
  • Secure and reliable storage of data and incidents
  • Scalable modular design with a compact footprint
  • Unlimited external storage (plug and grow)
  • Maximize data availability and performance of clustered environments
  • Scalable in multiple dimensions, enabling flexible configuration of capacity, performance and price
  • Maximum data accessibility and reliability