Proactive Incident Response

NIKSUN's ability to identify incidents and events that impact business services regardless of cause or source within the network delivers a tangible value to any organization that must keep service interruptions minimized.  NIKSUN is unique in the industry due to its ability to detect compliance, security and performance related problems with a single platform architecture. NIKSUN's Enterprise Solution introduces a common basis for responding to performance and security related incidents throughout the global organization; thereby standardizing operational methods and facilitating easy communication amongst remote teams.

Key Benefits

  • Application, network performance and security related incident response from a single platform architecture
  • Fast, accurate authoritative identification of events and incidents that impact business services
  • False positive and alarm noise reduction, keeping support personnel focused on resolving critical problems – not on tracking useless information
  • Fast drill-down on incident or event specifics
  • Maintain contextual reference through different views of disruptions and troubleshooting processes
  • Verification of service restoration
  • Alerting on payload or any statistic or metric collected
  • Targeted alerts and alarms to appropriate support groups and systems based upon the nature of incident
  • Real-time alerting of events that impact application and business performance