Surveillance and Forensics

So you've been hacked! Or, let's say you just found out about a transient network slowdown that happened several hours ago. Now what? Can you quickly trace the incident to find the root cause and make sure it doesn't happen again?

The traditional paradigm relies on static disk dumps or portable probes deployed after the fact. What if the hacker carefully covered his tracks, or the incident doesn't happen again?

Enter the new paradigm - NIKSUN's Enterprise Solution and flagship appliances. The NIKSUN Enterprise Solution, in conjunction with NetDetector and NetVCR appliances, offers unparalleled data-in-motion surveillance to track attacks and performance problems as they happen and isolates data that is causing them so a diagnostic procedure may be initiated. Real-time alerts are facilitated based on performance thresholds, policy rules and signature and anomaly definitions. Users may then respond to these incidents and apply extensive forensic analysis options that significantly reduce mean time to resolution of problems. With the NIKSUN solution all guesswork in the network management equation is replaced  by insight, intelligence and constructive action.

Key Benefits  

  • Extensive network data and meta-data warehousing
  • Drill-down analysis from application layer to link level
  • Multi-level real-time and historical statistics
  • Advanced filtering at all levels, pre- and post-capture
  • Detailed packet level inspection with string search
  • Client/Server application analysis and reconstruction