Welcome to the NIKSUN video on demand library. This library provides examples of typical tasks that can be performed on NetDetector or NetVCR. Each demonstration runs approximately four minutes. Just select a title below to play each video. New entry will be periodically added. We welcome your suggestions.

Feature Overviews  
 NetXperts Overview   Run Time: 05:02
  In this installment we take a look at the NetXperts functionality in the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR. The NetXperts module produces customizable views of network traffic for performance and security, and then offers recommendations on how to remedy issues that may be present on the network.

  Reporting Overview   Run Time: 04:40
  In this installment of the NIKSUN Notebook, we take a look at the powerful reporting tools present in the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR and how you can generate one-time and scheduled reports detailing the data flowing across your network.

 Intrusion Detection System Overview   Run Time: 04:54
  This installment of the NIKSUN notebook takes a look at the capabilities of the NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR as it relates to managing IDS Signatures. NetDetector/NetVCR monitors network traffic and then detects anomalies or malicious content through provided signatures and rules that can be easily augmented or updated as required.

 Long Term Data Collection Overview   Run Time: 06:31
  This video explores the NIKSUN NetVCR's capability of storing and processing network data collected weeks, months or even years in the past. It details how full reporting, application reconstruction, and inspection of raw data network traffic from any time in the past can be easily viewed and inspected.

Network Monitoring and Security
 Displaying Top Talkers   Run Time: 03:06
  In this video, we show how to find the top talkers, or most active hosts, on your network with the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR. This is extremely useful when looking for the cause of high bandwidth utilization or suspicious activity.

 Detecting Port Scanning Activity   Run Time: 02:40
  One of the ways that attackers look for security holes is by scanning hosts on your network for potential vulnerabilities. In this installment of the NIKSUN Notebook, we take a look at how you can detect this type of nefarious activity with the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR.

Application Reconstruction
 Replaying and Viewing Email   Run Time: 02:10
  The packet capture and archiving features of the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR can be used to reconstruct emails sent across the network to internal or external mail servers. In this video, we show how that is done.

 Replaying Internet Chat Sessions   Run Time: 01:55
  Along with reconstructing sent and received email, the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR can also reconstruct entire instant-messaging chat sessions that have crossed the network. In this installment of the NIKSUN Notebook, we show just how easy that is.

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