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Hello and welcome to the NIKSUN Video On Demand Library!

The Video OnDemand Library hosts a variety of podcasts and videos that demonstrate salient features and functionalities of the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR. Select a title below to discover more about some of the many capabilities of NIKSUN solutions.

Feature Overviews

  NetXperts Overview Run Time: 05:02

In this video segment we take a look at the functionality of NIKSUN NetXperts in NetDetector and NetVCR. The NetXperts module produces customizable views of network traffic for performance and security, and offers recommendations on how to remediate present network issues.

  Reporting Overview Run Time: 04:40

In this installment of the OnDemand Library, we take a look at powerful NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR reporting tools. This video demonstrates how to generate both one-time and scheduled reports detailing data flowing across your network.

  Intrusion Detection System Overview Run Time: 04:54

This video segment outlines the IDS signature management capabilities of the NIKSUN NetDetector. NetDetector monitors network traffic while detecting anomalies or malicious content through provided signatures and rules. These signatures and rules can be easily augmented or updated per user requirements.

  Long Term Data Collection Overview Run Time: 06:31

This video explores NIKSUN NetVCR’s ability to store and process long term network data collected from weeks, months or even years past. It details how full reporting, application reconstruction, and inspection of raw data from any time period can be easily viewed and inspected.


Network Monitoring and Security

  Displaying Top Talkers Run Time: 03:06

This installment demonstrates how NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR find your network’s top talkers and most active hosts. Understanding who generates the most activity within your network is extremely useful when looking for causes of high bandwidth utilization and sources of suspicious activity.

  Detecting Port Scanning Activity Run Time: 02:40

One of the ways that attackers look for security holes is by scanning your network hosts for potential vulnerabilities. This video looks at how you can detect this type of malicious activity using the NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR.


Application Reconstruction

  Replaying and Viewing Email Run Time: 02:10

In this video we show how the packet capture and archiving features of NIKSUN NetDetector can be used to reconstruct emails sent across the network to internal and external mail servers.

  Replaying Internet Chat Sessions Run Time: 01:55

Along with email reconstruction, NIKSUN NetDetector can also reconstruct complete instant messaging chat sessions that have crossed the network. This video installment demonstrates the ease of reconstructing chat sessions.