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September 28, 2012
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Introduction Professor Ramjee Prasad
Director CTIF, Aalborg University Founding head and program director: The International Research Centre for Telecommunications-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR) at Delft University of Technology (DUT), The Netherlands
  10:05 Inaugural Keynote: Cybersecurity Defense: Challenges and State of the Art
Malware is "software designed to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems". Malware growth rates are exponential and new vulnerabilities are being exploited every day. New modes of computing, such as mobile devices and cloud computing, offer new attack opportunities. Attackers are often motivated by financial gain but may also prepare for cyberterrorism or espionage. These new attacks require improved methods of surveillance, detection and protection. As part of his opening keynote talk, Dr. Pruthi will provide an overview of the threat landscape and its implications on society. He will cover current as well as advanced methods of defense against such persistent attackers.
Dr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN
Keynote: Recent Trend of Information Security - Focusing on Digital Forensics -
In Relation to digital forensics whose importance is increasing in information security, this speech will introduce the trend of digital forensics as a countermeasure against targeted attacks, introduction of predictive coding into e-Discovery, digital forensics technologies for smart phones, etc.
Professor Ryoichi Sasaki
Professor of Dept. of Information Systems and Multi Media, School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Tokyo Denki University
Visiting Professor of National Institute of Informatics
Assistant Information Security Personnel of National Information Security Center, Cabinet Secretary

Future Cyber Threat Scenarios and Possible Proactive Defense Plan
In order to draw up proactive defense plans against cyber threats, it is essential to face reality and the underlying facts. However, it is difficult to know and deeply understand the essence of real cyber threats in detail, which is the dilemma. Today, I would like to talk about the cyber threat scenario, which combines the critical components of various cyber attacks, in which my team CDI-CIRT, experienced through supporting and responding to emergency situations in Japan. By exploring these scenarios, we can find out the course of action to take within the defense plan.

Toshio Nawa
Senior Analyst, Cyber Defense Intitute, Inc, Tokyo
Recent Situation on Cyber Attacks and Countermeasures
Currently, various types of cyber-attacks have been reported all over the world. In spite of eager requirement of efficient countermeasures, we have not obtained any solution to detect or block them. Furthermore, several new technologies like smartphone and IPv6 drastically change environment of our information system. It is anticipated that new cyber-attacks will be emerged to compromise these technologies. This speech will describe fundamental technique of network monitoring against the new attacks.
Professor Hiroki Takakura
Professor, Advanced Network Division, Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

Protecting cyber attack, recent Japan large enterprise and Government department stared to install Network Forensic technologies.  Present advanced Japan network forensic and network security case studies. 

Mr. Hiromasa Furuoka
Senior Engineer, SCSK Corporation
Securing the Mobile Infrastructure
The purpose of this presentation is to discuss testing and certification of mobile communications products and networks. Focus is given on activities in security & privacy working group of Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFI) of which the presenter is the founding chairman.

This presentation starts with a overview of mobile communications infrastructure and thendives into the security provided by standards today together with overview of market conditions.  Next we look at potential issues in mobile communications networks today. Finally the presentation talks about testing, certification and monitoring.
Dr. Anand Prasad
Expert NEC
R&D Project of Multilayered Communications Network For Disaster Resilient Communications Dr. Shingo Ohmori
President of YRP International Alliance Institute, President of CTIF, Japan
IEEE 802.21d - Towards Optimization of M2M Group Communications Dr. Yoshihiro Ohba
Toshiba Corporation
Security and Performance in LTE Networks
Wireless Service providers are facing tremendous challenges to be able optimize their spectrum usage, network and services resources in order to guarantee proper quality of service to the end users. However, it is very important to obtain real time network statistics so that they can provide dynamic control at different parts of the network and maintain the desired QoS. This talk highlights some of the performance and security issues of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks and describes some of the network layer and service layer key performance indicators (KPIs) that need to be monitored in a VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) networks.
Dr. Ashutosh Dutta
CTO Wireless Solutions, NIKSUN
  16:40 Closing Remarks
Kazuhiko Itoh
Country Manager of NIKSUN Japan
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