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Dr. Parag PruthiDr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN

Dr. Pruthi brings over twenty-five years of expertise in the network security, wireless and applications analysis industry. Dr. Pruthi is the founder of NIKSUN which he has built from a startup to a highly successful global company leading the way in the cyber security, wireless and network monitoring markets.

Dr. Pruthi is widely recognized as the founding father of packet capture, stream to disk, bit vacuum, and other similar technologies which he brought to market in 1997 as NetVCR. He is also widely accepted as one of the leading innovators in the field of cyber security. In 2001 he introduced the NetDetector as the only device in the world capable of multi gigabits per second line rate recording and simultaneous analysis, reconstruction and replay in order to discover the source of security incidents and identification of potential information leakage. This invention led to the creation and growth of the field of network forensics.

Recognized as one of the foremost experts in advanced cyber security technologies, Dr. Pruthi advises on cyber defense strategies with some of the highest levels of governments and enterprises around the world. He is a frequent speaker on cyber security issues, including keynotes to delegates from across 28 NATO nations, agencies, and strategic commands at the NATO Information Assurance Symposium 2010 and 2011.

Dr. Pruthi holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He also has a Doctorate in Telecommunications from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and his thesis, “An Application of Chaotic Maps to Packet Traffic Modeling,” was the first to apply chaotic and fractal or self-similar systems to accurately model the seemingly erratic nature of network traffic.

Dr. Pruthi has received many honors, is interviewed frequently by news and media and asked to write various articles on a diverse set of topics. Notable were his interview with General Norman Schwarzkopf on Cyber Security which aired on CNBC and various other media outlets; cover story "Securing You Against The Unknown" in Silicon India Magazine's September 2011 issue; feature cover story in CIO Review's inaugural issue (April-May 2012); and a chapter on "Delivering a Long-Term Vision for Software" in the "Inside The Minds" series on "Growth Strategies For Software Companies." In 2012 SmartCEO magazine awarded Dr. Pruthi CEO of one of the BEST-RUN COMPANIES in the Mid-Atlantic. In the same year, Network Products Guide named Dr. Pruthi Outstanding Leader of the Decade in the Information Technology Industry. In addition to a host of awards, his most cherished award is that from his peers at the IEEE who honored him with the IEEE Region 1 Award of Managerial Excellence for his Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Cybersecurity Vision.

Prof. Hiroki TakakuraProfessor Hiroki Takakura
Professor, Advanced Network Division, Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

1990: Bachelor of Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science and Communication Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan
1992: Master of Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science and Communication Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan
1995: Ph.D., Dept. of Information Science, Kyoto University, Japan
1997~Present: Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Yoshihiro OhbaDr. Yoshihiro Ohba
Toshiba Corporation

Yoshihiro Ohba, Ph.D., is a Chief Research Scientist in Toshiba Corporate R&D Center in Japan.  He has more than 20 years of professional experiences in computer and communications systems. He has a strong technical background in IoT security systems.
> He is a main designer of IETF RFC 5191 a.k.a. PANA (Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access) which is part of ZigBee IP. He is Chair of IEEE 802.21d Task Group for defining a standard multicast group management mechanisms for IoT devices in mesh networks.

Prof. Ryoichi SasakaProfessor Ryoichi Sasaki
Professor of Dept. of Information Systems and Multi Media, School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Tokyo Denki University

He is a professor of Dept. of Information Systems and Multi Media, School of Science and Technology for Future Life, Tokyo Denki University.

He is also a visiting professor of Research and Development Organization of Central University

He received his B.S. Degree in health science and Ph.D Degree in system engineering from Tokyo University in 1971 and 1981, respectively.

From April of 1971 to March of 2001, he was engaged in the research and research management on systems safety, network management and information security at Systems Development Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd.

From April of 2001, he is a professor of Tokyo Denki University, and engaged in the research and education on information security.

Dr. Anand R. PrasadDr. Anand R. Prasand
Senior Expert at NEC Corporation, Japan

Dr. Anand R. Prasad, Ph.D. & Ir. (MScEngg), Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Senior Member IEEE and Member ACM, is a NEC Certified Professional (NCP) and works as a Senior Expert at NEC Corporation, Japan, where he leads the security activity in 3GPP. Anand is Member of the Governing Council of Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFI) where he also chairs the Green ICT group and founded the Security SIG. He has several years of professional experience in all aspects of wireless networking industry.

Before joining NEC he led the network security team in DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Munich, Germany, as a manager. He started his carrier as a researcher developing embedded solutions like MAC and ARQ for WLANs and later project leader of software modem team at Uniden Corporation, Japan. Subsequently he worked as systems architect for IEEE 802.11 based WLANs (WaveLAN and ORiNOCO) in Lucent Technologies, The Netherlands, and as technical director at Genista Corporation, Japan, with the focus on perceptual QoS. He has also provided business and technical consultancy to several start-ups. Anand has applied for over 30 patents, has published 6 books and authored over 50 peer reviewed papers in international journals and conferences. His recent 3 books published by River Publishers are on "Security in Next Generation Mobile Networks: 3GPP SAE/LTE and WiMAX", "Advances in Next Generation Services and Service Architectures" and "Future Internet Services and Service Architectures". He is also active in several conferences as program committee member.

Dr. Ashutosh DuttaDr. Ashutosh Dutta
CTO Wireless Solutions, NIKSUN

Dr. Ashutosh Dutta is a senior member of the IEEE and the ACM. He obtained BS in EE from NIT Rourkela, India, MS in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology, M. Phil. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York. Ashutosh currently works as CTO, Wireless at Niksun Innovation Center in Princeton, New Jersey where he is leading the research and development efforts in the area of 4G networks and service oriented networks (SON). Most recently, he worked as a senior scientist and project manager in Telcordia Technology's Applied Research, Piscataway, NJ for 13 years. Prior to joining Telcordia, Ashutosh was the Director of Central Research Facilities at Columbia University, from 1989 to 1997, and worked as a computer engineer with TATAs (Telco), India, from 1985 to 1987. As a senior scientist and project manager at Telcordia Applied Research, Ashutosh has led commercial and government projects as the principal investigator (PI), co-principal investigator (Co-PI) and technical lead. He was recipient of Telcordia CEO awards. As technical director, Ashutosh led the IT operations at Computer Science Department at Columbia University. His research interests include IMS, IPv6, Session control protocols, Streaming multi-media, and Mobile wireless Internet. He currently holds 11 patents and 12 patents pending. Ashutosh has published more than 80 conference, journal papers, book chapters and IETF drafts in the area of multimedia and mobile networking. He is recipient of Telcordia CEO Awards and Best Paper awards for IEEE EIT 2005, IMSAA 2009 and SAIC. He is the past Chair of IEEE's Princeton / Central Jersey Section and currently serves as the Industry Relations Chair for IEEE Region 1 and IEEE MGA (Membership Geographic Activities), and is the public visibility chair for the IEEE Communication Society. Ashutosh has served as TPC co-chair and general co-chair for IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, IEEE IMSAA and organizing committee member for ACM Multimedia, ACM Mobicom and served as TPC member for many IEEE and ACM conferences. He serves as the associate technical editor for IEEE Communication Magazine. In the past, Ashutosh has given mobility related tutorials in Sarnoff Symposium, Globecom, and WCNC. Ashutosh was awarded 2005 PCJS leadership award, 2009 IEEE Region 1 award, prestigious IEEE MGA award for 2009 and most recently 2010 IEEE-USA Professional Leadership award. He currently serves as the vice chair for GISFI's(Global ICT Standardization Forum for India) Service Oriented Networking (SeON) WG.

Prof. Ramjee PrasadProfessor Ramjee Prasad
Director CTIF, Aalborg University
Founding head and program director: The International Research Centre for Telecommunications-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR) at Delft University of Technology (DUT), The Netherlands

Professor Dr Ramjee Prasad has been holding the Professorial Chair of Wireless Information and Multimedia Communications at Aalborg University, Denmark (AAU) since June 1999. Since 2004 he is the Founding Director of the Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF), established as large multi-area research center at the premises of Aalborg University. Ramjee Prasad is a Fellow of IEEE, the IET and IETE is a world-wide established scientist, which has given fundamental contributions towards development of wireless communications. He achieved fundamental results towards the development of CDMA and OFDM, taking the leading role by being the first in the world to publish books in the subjects of CDMA (1996) and OFDM (1999).

He is the recipient of many international academic, industrial and governmental awards and distinctions of which the most recently is the cross of the order of chivalry (Ridderkorset af Dannebrogordenen) from the Danish Queen due internationalization of top-class telecommunication research and education. He has published a huge number of books (more than 25), journals and conferences publications (together more than 750), more than 15 patents, a sizeable amount of graduated PhD students (over 60) and an even larger amount of graduated M.Sc. students (over 200). Several of his students are today worldwide telecommunication leaders themselves.

He is the founding chairman of the Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI) and was the founding chairman of the European Center of Excellence in Telecommunications known as HERMES of which he is now the honorary chairman. Recently, under his initiative, international M.Sc. and PhD programmes have been started with the Sinhgad Technical Education Society in India, the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia and with the Athens Information Technology (AIT) in Greece.

Ramjee Prasad has a long path of achievements until to date and a rich experience in the academic, managerial, research, and business spheres of the mobile and wireless communication area. Namely, he played an important role in the success that the Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access Systems (FRAMES) achieved. He was the leader of successful EU projects like the MAGNET and MAGNET Beyond, among others, as well as the driver of fruitful cooperation with companies in projects, like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Telenor, among others. He is advisor to several multinational companies. He started as a Senior Research Fellow (1970-1972) and continued as an Assistant Professor (1972-1980) at the Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, Ranchi, India. He was appointed as an Associate Professor in 1980-1983 and head of the Microwave Laboratory there. From 1983-1988 Ramjee Prasad worked at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania, where he became Full Professor of Telecommunications in the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1986.

From February 1988 till May 1999 Ramjee Prasad worked at the Delft University of Technology (DUT), The Netherlands at the Telecommunications and Traffic Control Systems Group. He was the founding head and program director of the Centre for Wireless and Personal Communications (CWPC) of the International Research Centre for Telecommunications-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR) at DUT, The Netherlands. Prior to founding CTIF, Ramjee Prasad was the Co-Director of the Center for PersonKommunikation until December 2002. He became the research director of the department of Communication and Technology in 2003. Prof. Prasad has authored or co-authored more than 700 high cited scientific articles published in peer-reviewed conference proceedings and international journals. Since 1999, he has published 8 monographs, 22 books, 18 book chapters and more than 70 and 190 articles in journals and conference proceedings. Furthermore he has 15 patents within his research areas.

Toshio NawaToshio Nawa
Cyber Defense Intitute, Inc, Tokyo

Specialist on cyber security incident coordination/management. Considerable experience of development of CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) and Security Team. Expert on cyber security exercise (both of discussion based and operation based). A frequent speaker in IT/Security seminars and workshop.

Dr. Shingo OhmariDr. Shingo Ohmori
CTIF, Japan

Bio coming soon.

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