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2011 WWSMC


Day 1: January 23rd 2012
Track A: Cybersecurity - MC/Patty Brogdon, Director, Marketing, NIKSUN

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Launched on January 23rd
Session ID
Title Speaker
  7:30am Registration / Breakfast
  8:45am Welcome Remarks Dr. Ashutosh Dutta
CTO, Wireless, NIKSUN
A1 9:00am

Keynote 1: Cybersecurity Defense: Threats, Challenges and Effective Strategies for Mitigating Risk

Dr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN

A2 10:00am

Attack and Defend: Watch a Real-World Hack As it Happens

Dr. Peter Stephenson
CISO Norwich University and Chief Technology Officer, SC Magazine

A3 10:45am Network Intrusion and Cyber Attacks Special Agent Sarah Corey
United States Secret Service
  11:15am Break
A4 11:30am Botnet Detection, Malware Analysis, & Virtual Machine Monitoring Prof. Wenke Lee
Professor Computer Science, Georgia Tech University
  12:15pm Lunch
A5 1:30pm

Keynote 2: Proactive Security: Finding the Unknown

Charles Kolodgy
Research Vice President - IDC Security Products

A6 2:30pm

Inside Threats: When paranoia compromises security

Paul Venezia
IT Consultant, and Senior Contributing Editor for InfoWorld

  3:15pm Coffee Break
A7 3:30pm

SIP Security, Application Layer DoS Attacks Detection and Prevention for an IMS Infrastructure

Dr. Gaston Ormazabal
Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University

A8 4:15pm Anomaly Detection through Use of Dynamical System Theory Dr. Remzi Seker
Chair Computer Science Department, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR)
A9 5:00pm Mobile Security, Trust and Profound Personal Identity Dr. Warren Cope
Sr. Manager, Sprint Nextel Corporation
  5:45pm Closing Remarks Dr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN
  7:00pm Dinner


Day 2: January 24th 2012
Track B: Wireless Track - MC/ Dr. Ashutosh Dutta
Session ID
Title Speaker
  7:30am Registration / Breakfast
  8:45am Welcome Remarks

Dr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN
Prof. Ramjee Prasad
Prof. Harold V. Poor

B1 9:00am

Keynote1 : Mobility and Security in IETF

Charles Perkins
Technical Fellow Tellabs

B2 9:50am

Defense Industrial Cooperation at the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C.

Lieutenant Colonel Per Lyse Rasmussen
Assistant Defense, Military Naval, and Air Attaché, Danish Embassy

  10:30am Break
B3 10:45am

Security and Performance for 4G networks

Victor Fajardo

B4 11:25am New IT Architecture for “Internet of Things"
Sateesh Addepalli
Cisco Research
B5 12:05pm Authenticating Mobile User Location with Femtocells
Dr. Jack Brassil
HP Laboratories
  12:45pm Lunch
B6 1:45pm

Keynote 2: Cloud Computing for Wireless Operators

Dr. James Kempf
Ericsson Research

B7 2:35pm

Provisioning QoE for TDM-PON Broadband Access

Prof. Nirwan Ansari

B8 3:15pm

Data Offloading; Why, What and How?

Dr. Subir Das
Applied Communication Science (Telcordia ATS)

  3:55pm Break
B9 4:10pm IP Multimedia Subsystem: Signaling, Mobility, and Integration Prof. Seshadri Mohan
University of Arkansas
B10 4:50pm

These aren't the droids you're looking for

Peter Thermos

B11 5:30pm Which Way to Ultra-broadband Cellular Networks? Dr. Milind Buddhikot
Bell Labs
  6:10pm Closing Remarks Dr. Neeli Prasad
IEEE Senior Member, Director of CTIF-USA, Princeton
  7:00pm Dinner


Day 3: January 25th 2012
Track B: Wireless Track - MC/Dr. Neeli Prasad
Session ID
Title Speaker
  8:45am Welcome Remarks Prof. Ruby Lee
Princeton University
B12 9:00am Keynote 1 - Security and Quality Provisioning in Wireless Networks

Prof. Prasant Mohapatra
UC Davis

B13 9:50am Context-based Communication Service

Xiaotao Wu
Avaya Labs

  10:30am Break
B14 10:45am Current status of stem cell therapy in the USA

Pranela Rameshwar

B15 11:25am Privacy-Preserving Secure Vehicular Communications Dr. Tao Zhang
Chief Scientist, Telcordia
B16 12:05pm Controlling Data Usage in a Distributed Environment Dr. Pramod Jamkhedkar
Princeton University
  12:45pm Lunch 
B17 1:45pm Keynote 2 - Reasonable Security: Are we expecting too much; Are we asking too much? Dr. Gustavo De Los Reyes
ATT Security Research
B18 2:35pm Distributed Monitoring and Unsupervised Learning for Anomaly Detection in SIP based IMS Networks Dr. Rasmus Hjorth Nielsen
B19 3:15pm Optical Wireless

Dr. Yeheskel Bar-Ness

  3:55pm Break
  4:10pm Bayesian Networks for Network Operation Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Esben Rasmussen

  4:50pm Smart Grid: From the perspective of Cyber Security, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasur Prof. Sandeep Shukla / Yi Deng
Virginia Tech

User profiles, privacy & security

Knud Erik Skouby
Aalborg University
  6:10pm Closing Remarks Dr. Ashutosh Dutta
  7:00pm Dinner
Day 2: January 24th 2012
Track C: Partner, Customer, Sales and SE's - MC/Bill Pollack
Session ID
Title Speaker
  7:30am Registration / Breakfast
  8:45am Welcome Remarks Bill Pollack
VP, Global BD and Marketing, NIKSUN

NIKSUN Security Solutions

C1 9:00am

Security Overview - Interspersed with live demos of specific products / features

Dr. Parag Pruthi
Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN
Frank DiMuzio
Paul Kivikink

  10:30am Break
C2 10:45am

Belgacom Managed Network Security Forensics - Powered by NIKSUN

Johan Meurs
Senior Security Consultant, Belgacom

11:15am Security Overview - NIKSUN Security Solutions - continued
Dr. Parag Pruthi
C3 12:00pm Security Case Study
Norm Davis
  12:30pm Lunch

NIKSUN Performance Solutions

C4 1:30pm Social Media and the Department of Defense Insecurities, Technological/Cultural Challenges and Potential Solutions

Dan Di Iulio
Engineering Director, NAFS Cyber Security Solutions

C5 2:15pm

Performance Overview - Products and feature demo topics interspersed

Dr. Rajesh Talpade
VP, Product Management, NIKSUN
Chris MacStoker
Jonathan Schilling

  4:15pm Break
C6 4:45pm

Performance Case Study

Rangu Salgame

C7 5:30:pm Why NIKSUN? / Closing Remarks Bill Pollack
  7:00pm Dinner


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