Mission: Unmask the Bad Guys, and Know the Unknown

We invite you to use the IT skills you are acquiring at school for a practical, real world challenge and participate in a tournament focused on cybersecurity sponsored and organized by NIKSUN, a leading cybersecurity and network monitoring company based in Princeton, NJ. The final round of the NIKSUN Cybersecurity Tournament will be held at Bally’s Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, on June 25, 2013 as part of the NIKSUN World Wide Security and Mobility Conference (WWSMC). Each team is to be comprised of two students and one professor/mentor. University students can use this unique opportunity to discover the exciting world of cybersecurity using best in class monitoring appliances.

The tournament’s first round takes place remotely over the Internet. Five teams of finalists will be brought to Atlantic City with their faculty mentors to compete in the finals competition (the competition will cover a flat rate cost of the trip). The awards ceremony will be on June 26, 2013 at the Bally’s Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ at the gala dinner. The mission begins on May 2, 2013. Submissions are due on June 5, 2013, 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Registration is Now Closed

Important Dates

  • Mission Begins: May 2

  • 3rd Informative Webinar (only for registered participants): May 15, 11 a.m. EDT.

  • Mission Submission Deadline: June 5, 5 p.m. EDT.

  • Finalists Announced: June 10

  • Finals in Atlantic City: June 25

  • Awards Ceremony: June 26


The challenge will become available after successful registration on May 1, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. EDT, and the PCAPs will be provided on May 2, 2013. The challenge involves knowledge in the following areas:

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

  • Network Analysis

  • Network Forensics (Obfuscation, Encoding/Decoding, NW Protocol Carving/Reconstruction, File Format Analysis, Critical Thinking and problem solving skills)
    NIKSUN Awards and Travel Grants

  • Five finalist teams will be invited to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the final competition, and to attend NIKSUN’s prominent WWSMC event.

  • The winning team will receive: 1st place: $3,000 ($1,000 per member). 2nd place: $1500 ($500 per member)

  • Meet and hear thought leaders from the government, industry, and academia in the Cybersecurity and Mobility arena. For example, past keynote speakers have included the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and a former Director of the United States Secret Service.

  • Meet and network with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as VISA, McAfee, Northrop Grumman Information Systems and ZTE.

  • See Atlantic City, an internationally renowned resort known for its world famous boardwalk, world class casinos, and source of street names for the original Monopoly game.

  • Receive special consideration for a NIKSUN internship and job placement.

  • Chance to win a scholarship through a random draw.

General Information

Dr. Raziq Yaqub, Lead Tournament Director,
+1.609.936.9999 ext. 3315

John Stemmer, Mission Captain

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