NIKSUN Cyber Security, Performance & Compliance
This white paper discusses the growing need for businesses and governments to utilize technology that encompasses security, performance, and compliance all under one roof to expose threats instantly, be able to look back in time, and easily comply with organizational standards.
    NIKSUN: Monitoring Financial Networks for Latency
This white paper focuses on the challenges of minimizing network latency in trading infrastructures and the unique capabilities of the NIKSUN NetTradeWatch product.
    NIKSUN: Compliance Prepared
This white paper explores the increasing challenges of complying with policies, and explains how compliance-ready solutions such as NIKSUN ease the burden.
    NIKSUN: NetOmni: Enterprise Wide View
This white paper focuses on the unique capabilities of the next-generation NIKSUN NetOmni Alpine network-wide monitoring product in a distributed, heterogeneous network environment.
    NIKSUN: NetVCR: Performance Monitoring
NIKSUN NetVCR offers the capability for non-intrusive monitoring of Internet, Intranet, and enterprise data information in a multi-networked environment consisting of varied platforms.
    DivaFax White Paper
A recent aggressive phishing campaign has been identified by the NIKSUN Security Observation Network (NSON) as “DivaFax”, a nickname derived from several observed artifacts and behaviors.
    Frost & Sullivan: Big Data is Not a Threat for NIKSUN, Provider of Network Visibility Solutions
Read Frost & Sullivan’s whitepaper on NIKSUN’s key role in the cyber security and network performance markets
    NIKSUN: Cybersecurity and Network Performance Solution for Financial Institutions
NIKSUN's solutions address network performance and cybersecurity in one appliance for financial institutions.
    Securing Against The Unknown
This white paper discusses the explosion of big data and its implications on network security and performance and NIKSUN’s solutions that address these issues.
    IDC: Total Network Visibility, Compliance , Security, and Control
This white paper highlights the increasing risk of information loss, how enterprises are using network visibility including NIKSUN's enterprise solutions to protect this information.
    NIKSUN: Alpine Technology
This white paper outlines the revolutionary multi-dimensional scaling approach of the next-generation NIKSUN Alpine technology, and provides several uses cases.
    NIKSUN: Cyber Defense: Protecting Critical Assets
This white paper outlines the cyber security threats that organizations face, explores how advanced technology can mitigate these problems, and provides real-world use cases.
    NIKSUN: Denial of Service Attack: Detection and Mitigation
This white paper outlines how the NIKSUN Net Detector appliance can assist in the early detection and mitigation of denial of service attacks.
    NIKSUN: Instant Message Traffic Monitoring
This white paper discusses some of the IM threats and how the NIKSUN solution can be used to mitigate these threats.
    NIKSUN: Intrusion Detection and Advanced Post Incident Forensics
This whitepaper explores how the NIKSUN NetDetector is a holistic security solution that plays a role in prevention, detection and forensics.
    NIKSUN: NetDetector: Security Monitoring
This white paper focuses on the unique capabilities of the next-generation NIKSUN Detector Alpine security monitoring product and provides a real-world usage example.
    NIKSUN: NetDetectorLive Alpine
This white paper demonstrates how NetDetectorLive delivers significant efficiency and accuracy improvements by integrating fast application reconstruction, real-time content monitoring, and in-depth network forensics based on full-packet capture.
    NIKSUN: NetMobility
This white paper provides details on the unique capabilities of the next-generation NIKSUN NetMobility Alpine performance and security monitoring product for LTE and CDMA2000 networks.
    NIKSUN: The Enterprise Monitoring Solution of Choice of Business
This white paper focuses on the unique capabilities of NIKSUN performance and security monitoring solutions. It serves as a practical guide to help enterprises understand key features of NIKSUN solutions, evaluate deployment approaches, and compare differences to alternative solutions.

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