Business Groups Ensuring Service Performance and Availability
Instantly identifying any SLA issues and significantly reducing incident response time
VPNFilter Detect and Investigate VPNFilter
Preventing a dangerous botnet attack using NIKSUN's cyber solution
DoS Icon A Re-creation of a Real Zero Day Attack
NIKSUN NetDetector was used to detect and mitigate a DoS attack within minutes
Application Recon Application Reconstruction
Easily reconstruct application content captured by NIKSUN NetDetector
Reporting Overview Reporting Overview
Generating both one-time and scheduled reports
Custom Report Custom Reports
Creating and modifying custom reports
slow Server Slow Server Investigation
Understanding the performance monitoring capabilities of NIKSUN NetVCR
NetTradeWatch NetTradeWatch
Gaining end-to-end visibility into financial networks
Web Performance Monitoring Web Performance Monitoring
In-Depth Analysis of HTTP Traffic
Port Scanning Port Scanning
Detecting malicious network activity