Big Data – accelerating data on four fronts: Velocity, Variety, Volume and Variability. The data convergence between the Internet of Things (IoT), public and private clouds, and the emergence of "Big Data" has added a new dimension to a challenging landscape. Effectively dealing with the convergence of these technologies for a total solution requires a re-imagination of architectures and techniques that would overwhelm conventional tools. Fast, meaningful mining and analysis of petabytes of data, streaming at variable speeds controlled by diverse applications and protocols demands a new approach.


Introducing NIKSUN's Alpine 4.5


Designed to analyze, index and store petabytes of data captured at speeds through 100Gbps, Alpine 4.5 extracts the intelligence to manage your business needs. The solution delivers robust real-time visibility into networked, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. With Alpine 4.5, users gain insight into tiered applications, while simultaneously addressing cyber security risks and analyzing the performance of business critical services and the underlying infrastructure.

Who We Are
NIKSUN delivers the most powerful, scalable, and cost-effective cybersecurity and network performance solution in the world. NIKSUN continues to revolutionize the network monitoring industry with its flagship products, NetDetector®, NetVCR®, NetMobility®, and NetOmni™ with more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries.

The NIKSUN Story: Know the Unknown
In today’s changing IT environment, the biggest challenge in ensuring cybersecurity while optimizing network performance is gaining actionable insight on the unknowns associated with each security attack or performance issue. NIKSUN’s founder and CEO, Dr. Parag Pruthi’s focus on innovation has guided NIKSUN from start-up to industry leader that has developed a revolutionary approach of analyzing network traffic to record everything, index all data, and mine that metadata to know the unknown.


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